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Paul Milton Artist | Dyslexic Artist | Ambassador for Arts and Dyslexia | British Dyslexia Association

Textiles by Paul Milton

PAUL MILTON - textiles

Paul is an award-winning professional, qualified Sussex-based multimedia artist, writer, entrepreneur,
radio presenter and businessman

Paul Milton

I am qualified surface textile designer and I can heat press print, screen print, machine kni,t loom knit, hand sew, and can also machine sew as well. I learnt to sew from an early age, I learnt the basics whilst in Harland’s Primary School Haywards Heath when a kind old lady came in and showed us the basics. However, I just could understand it, so my mother and grandmother taught me how to use the sewing machine and it has enabled me to approach most textile projects with great ease.

Contact me on t: 01444 455742 - m. 07896 203310 or email me HERE if you would like further information about my work.

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