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Paul Milton Artist | Dyslexic Artist | Ambassador for Arts and Dyslexia | British Dyslexia Association

Landscape painting by Paul Milton


Paul is an award-winning professional, qualified Sussex-based multimedia artist, writer, entrepreneur,
radio presenter and businessman

Paul Milton - artistic interests

My Artwork takes many forms as I prefer not to specialise - allowing me to approach most subjects with great ease. My works covers, drawing and painting, textiles, photography, clothing design, bespoke textile wall hangings. I welcome all commissions if you would like to purchase any of the Artwork on my website please feel free to contact me: t: 01444 455742 - m. 07896 203310 or email me HERE.

With my art and what inspires me can range from a kind couple sitting on a bench in front of me converted into a quick sketch and drawing ... to a quick photograph or a brilliant composition of music ... to my favourite films; there is a vast world around us - you just have to open your eyes and use your imagination.

I am also a great fan of science fiction as it opens your imagination to a world of possibilities. One of my knitted fashion designs was based on the original science fiction film Predator. I sold this to the fashion house Versace, at the Indigo fashion show in Paris.

Again thank you for taking the time to visit my website I wish you all the best.

All images and artwork and writing are the property of Artist Paul Milton Copyright©2015.

paul milton presentation

Contact me on t: 01444 455742 - m. 07896 203310 or email me HERE if you would like further information about my work.

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